Agency Award Night 2080′ of Surya Jyoti Life Insurance Held

Agency Award Night 2080′ of Surya Jyoti Life Insurance Held
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On August 19, the ‘Agency Award Night 2080’ of Surya Jyoti Life Insurance was held in Kathmandu, Nepal. The event honored various agency managers and agents from different sectors who had performed exceptionally well in the fiscal year of 2022/2023. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the prestigious ‘Surya Jyoti Ratna Award’ to agents who had achieved the highest business under the ‘Personal Code’ and ‘Team Business’ categories. Additionally, agents were recognized and rewarded with trophies, appreciation letters, and cash in different life insurance plans. The event also featured speakers, including Surya Jyoti Life Insurance’s brand ambassador Rajesh Hamal, who highlighted the insurance company’s contribution, activities, and future plans.

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Agency Award Night 2080′ of Surya Jyoti Life Insurance Held

The ‘Agency Award Night 2080’ of Surya Jyoti Life Insurance was held in Kathmandu on August 19th. This prestigious event aimed to honor agency managers and agents who had performed exceptionally well during the fiscal year 2022/2023. The ceremony recognized their achievements and contributions to the growth and success of Surya Jyoti Life Insurance.

The event was a grand affair, attended by various agency managers and agents from different sectors. It provided a platform to appreciate the hard work and dedication of these individuals. The awards presented during the ceremony served as a motivation for them to strive for even greater success in the future.

Event Details

The ‘Agency Award Night 2080’ took place on August 19th in Kathmandu. It was held at a prestigious venue, befitting the significance of the event. The location was chosen to provide a comfortable and convenient setting for all attendees.

Award Categories

The awards were categorized into two main categories: Personal Code Category Award and Team Business Category Award. These categories were designed to recognize and appreciate individual achievements as well as collective efforts.

Personal Code Category Award

The Personal Code Category Award honored agents who had achieved outstanding results in generating business under their personal code. This category aimed to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of agents who had excelled individually.

Team Business Category Award

The Team Business Category Award recognized the highest-performing teams within Surya Jyoti Life Insurance. This award celebrated the collective efforts of agents working together towards a common goal. It highlighted the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving success.

Honored Agents

The ‘Agency Award Night 2080’ of Surya Jyoti Life Insurance celebrated the accomplishments of numerous agency managers and agents. These individuals had demonstrated exceptional performance and contributed significantly to the growth of the company. The event provided a platform to acknowledge their efforts and achievements.

The selection process for the honored agents was based on specific criteria set by Surya Jyoti Life Insurance. These criteria included factors such as business growth, customer satisfaction, and adherence to ethical standards. Only those individuals who met the stringent requirements were eligible for the prestigious awards.

Product Ambassador Awards

In addition to recognizing the outstanding performance of agency managers and agents, the ‘Agency Award Night 2080’ also included the Product Ambassador Awards. These awards were specifically focused on the insurance plans offered by Surya Jyoti Life Insurance, such as Secure Future and 84 Puja.

The Product Ambassador Awards honored agents who excelled in promoting and selling these insurance plans. The recipients of these awards were recognized for their dedication and success in ensuring the effective marketing and distribution of these products.

As a token of appreciation, the winners of the Product Ambassador Awards received cash rewards and trophies. These incentives not only served as a recognition of their achievements but also provided encouragement and motivation for future endeavors.

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Acknowledgment of MDRT Qualifiers, CEO Club, and Chairman’s Club

Surya Jyoti Life Insurance also took the opportunity during the ‘Agency Award Night 2080’ to acknowledge and appreciate individuals who had qualified for prestigious clubs within the company. These clubs included the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Qualifiers, CEO Club, and Chairman’s Club.

Criteria for qualification into these exclusive clubs were set by Surya Jyoti Life Insurance and were based on exceptional performance and professional excellence. The individuals who qualified for these clubs were recognized for their outstanding achievements and commitment to excellence in the field of insurance.

The acknowledgment of the MDRT Qualifiers, CEO Club, and Chairman’s Club members served as an inspiration for other agents and highlighted the highest standards of performance within the company.

Speakers and Highlights

The ‘Agency Award Night 2080’ featured an array of distinguished speakers and highlights that added value to the event. The presence of Surya Jyoti Life Insurance’s brand ambassador, Rajesh Hamal, was one of the highlights of the evening.

Rajesh Hamal, a renowned actor and public figure, shared his insights and experiences with the attendees. His presence added glamour and prestige to the event, making it even more memorable for all those present.

Additionally, the event allowed for discussions on important topics such as insurance’s contribution to society, Surya Jyoti Life Insurance’s activities, and future plans. These discussions served as a platform to educate and inform attendees about the insurance industry and the company’s role within it.

Overall, the ‘Agency Award Night 2080’ of Surya Jyoti Life Insurance was a resounding success. It celebrated the achievements of outstanding individuals, showcased the company’s commitment to excellence, and provided a platform for networking and recognition. The event served as a reminder of the importance of dedication, hard work, and collaboration in achieving success in the insurance industry.

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