Florida ranks first on WalletHub’s 2023 list of best states to live

Florida ranks first on WalletHub’s 2023 list of best states to live
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Florida has been ranked at the top of WalletHub’s 2023 list of the best states to live in. Despite scoring poorly in healthcare quality, home insurance crisis, high housing costs, and average weekly work hours, Florida still ranked highly due to its high number of restaurants per capita and low unemployment rates. This personal finance company compared all 50 states based on various indicators of livability, such as housing costs, income growth, education rate, and quality of hospitals. Massachusetts took the first spot on the list, followed by New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, and Wyoming. Florida secured the sixth ranking on this coveted list.

Florida ranks first on WalletHubs 2023 list of best states to live

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Florida ranks first on WalletHub’s 2023 list of best states to live


WalletHub, the personal finance company, has recently released its 2023 list of the best states to live in, and Florida has claimed the top spot. This ranking is based on a comprehensive analysis of 51 indicators of livability across all 50 states. While Florida’s overall ranking is impressive, it is important to delve into the factors that contribute to this achievement.

Factors Considered in the Ranking

WalletHub’s methodology for determining the best states to live in involves considering various indicators of livability. These indicators encompass a wide range of factors, including housing costs, income growth, education rate, quality of hospitals, and many others. By evaluating these factors, WalletHub aims to provide a holistic view of each state’s livability.

Florida’s Ranking and Comparison

When comparing Florida’s ranking to other states, it becomes clear why it claims the top spot on WalletHub’s list. While the state scores poorly in categories such as healthcare quality, high housing costs, and average weekly work hours, it excels in other areas. Florida stands out for its low unemployment rates and high number of restaurants per capita.

Housing Costs

One of the key factors considered in WalletHub’s ranking is housing costs. While California claims the unfortunate title of having the highest housing costs, Florida is not far behind. The average home value in Florida is $390,052, making it the state with the fifth-highest housing costs. This figure represents a 0.7% increase over the past year. It is worth noting that housing costs extend beyond rent and mortgage payments in Florida, as the high costs of insurance and homeowners’ associations (HOAs) significantly impact the total cost of housing.

Financial Factors to Consider

According to Jesse Saginor, Chair and Professor of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida Atlantic University, Florida differs from other states when it comes to housing costs. Alongside utilities and basic upkeep, the total cost of housing in Florida includes the high cost of insurance and expenses related to homeowners’ associations. These additional financial factors should be carefully considered when deciding to live in Florida.

Living Conditions in Florida

When evaluating Florida’s living conditions, it is clear that the state has both strengths and weaknesses. While Florida boasts the lowest unemployment rate, ranking first in this category, the state falls behind in other areas. Florida ranks ninth in income growth, 17th in the percentage of adults in fair or poor health, and 27th in average weekly work hours. These factors contribute to the overall livability and quality of life in the state.

Unemployment Rate

Florida’s low unemployment rate is one of its standout features. According to WalletHub’s list, Florida has the lowest unemployment rate among all 50 states. However, it is essential to consider that the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Florida as the state with the 17th lowest unemployment rate. This discrepancy highlights the need to analyze data from multiple sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of Florida’s economic landscape.

Restaurants per Capita

Another area where Florida shines is in its abundance of restaurants per capita. WalletHub’s ranking places Florida in first place in this category. The availability of dining options is a significant factor in determining livability, as it contributes to the overall quality of life and provides residents with a diverse culinary scene.

Income Growth

While Florida ranks first in several categories, income growth is not one of them. The state claims the ninth spot when it comes to income growth, indicating that there is room for improvement in this area. Income growth is a crucial factor in determining the overall livability and economic prosperity of a state.

Percentage of Adults in Fair or Poor Health

Florida ranks 17th in the percentage of adults in fair or poor health. This ranking suggests that the state’s residents generally enjoy good health. However, further analysis is necessary to better understand the factors contributing to this ranking and to identify areas where improvements can be made to enhance the well-being of Floridians.

Average Hours Worked Weekly

Florida ranks 27th in average weekly work hours. While this ranking may seem relatively average, it is worth noting that the number of hours worked per week directly impacts work-life balance and overall quality of life. Balancing work and personal life is a crucial aspect of livability and should be taken into account when considering living in Florida.


WalletHub’s 2023 list of the best states to live in has positioned Florida as the top state. Despite facing challenges in areas such as healthcare quality and high housing costs, Florida distinguishes itself with low unemployment rates and a high number of restaurants per capita. It is important to consider various factors, such as housing costs, financial considerations, living conditions, and economic indicators, when evaluating a state’s overall livability. Florida’s top ranking showcases its strengths while also highlighting areas for improvement.

Florida ranks first on WalletHubs 2023 list of best states to live

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